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Portfolio Sales & Acquisitions


FalconBridge provides a full array of loan and lease portfolio sales and acquisition services for our financial institution and specialty finance clients.  The firm’s principal has completed transactions involving performing loans, non-performing loans, charged-off assets, deficiency balances, as well as pools of skips and bankrupt accounts. 


Portfolio sales and acquisitions have been crafted and placed using a variety of transaction structures, including recourse, non-recourse, and profit sharing arrangements conducted on both servicing retained and servicing released bases. FalconBridge’s comprehensive loan sales and acquisition advisory activities are focused on adding value before, during, and after a sale is consummated. The Firm has extensive experience with bulk sales, one-off transactions, and future flow offerings across a variety of consumer and commercial financial asset classes. 












FalconBridge Loan Portfolio Sales & Acquisitions Services

  • Portfolio Analysis and Valuation

  • Portfolio Analytics

  • Buy / Sell Recommendations

  • Portfolio Marketing

  • Due Diligence Management

  • Purchaser Profiling

  • Bid Analysis and Optimization

  • Data Management

  • Transaction Negotiation, Structuring, and Execution

  • Systems Integration

  • Transfer of Ownership and Servicing Assistance

  • Post Closing Management

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