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Private Capital Markets

A hallmark of FalconBridge's capital raising business is a focus on the specialty finance industry and the provision of comprehensive banking services for its client base.  The firm offers capital formation advice and placement services for both debt and equity products.

Specialty Finance Focus


Because of its extensive experience in and deep knowledge of the specialty finance industry, FalconBridge is highly capable of presenting unique business models or special situations to the capital markets.  The firm has developed industry-leading insight into the latest trends, developments, and pricing / valuation levels in specialty finance debt and equity offerings.  Capital markets participants have come to respect FalconBridge’s creative structuring, deal preparation, and due diligence on specialty finance transactions – as such, the firm’s offerings are met with a high degree of credibility and market reception.  Importantly, the firm’s unique focus on specialty finance market participants and lenders / investors allows FalconBridge to not only craft optimal deal structures, but to expertly gauge market receptivity and timing.



Comprehensive Banking Services


FalconBridge provides objective and unbiased advice on how to best structure debt and equity placements and acts as its client’s advocate throughout the financing process.  The firm prides itself on a customized and comprehensive approach to raising capital that emphasizes preparedness and transparency throughout the process.  FalconBridge initiates each capital raising assignment by developing a deep knowledge of the customer’s business and operations, thus allowing the firm to determine an optimal transaction structure that meets financial and operational goals. Once a transaction has commenced,  FalconBridge provides all necessary services – including deal marketing, negotiations, documentation review and management, systems and reporting protocols, investor relationship management, and more.

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